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Ronan Bergin puts St Finian’s to the Sword

1sts Championship v St Finians Swords 14052017 (3)Three weeks from the date St Brendans 1st Team, sponsored by the Best Western Skylon Hotel were given a good st by the Garda Team in the 1st Round of the Junior C Championship, the team faced St Finian’s Swords in the 2nd Round of the Junior C Championship.

Before the match, both clubs played an Under 9’s match which was moved from Saturday to Sunday to act as a curtain raiser to the big game. As it developed the game was delayed by 35minutes due to the late arrival of the referee.

The Dark force got off to a dream start after just 15 seconds, with a point from Luke McDonagh after Ger Bannon won possession from the throw-in. However, the away side levelled matters shortly after with a free-in.

St Finian’s lost possession after a forward slipped while passing, and Derek Brady was in position to win the ball. Brady passed towards Sean Herron, who found Ronan Bergin, who with the wind at his back drove the ball over the bar from 35 meters. The score became three points to one, thanks to an Eoin O’Connor’s free-in after Bergin was fouled.

John Dolan won a mark from the Finian’s kick-out and passed to Ger Bannon who was tripped, with O’Connor again stepping up to score his second free. Derek Brady then won a broken ball from a Finian’s kick-out and found Lorcan Bannon, who despite shouting a mild expletive as he kicked the ball, managed to place it between the posts.

Paul Coleman was next to turn-over Finian’s possession, then played a one-two with Herron, and finally found O’Connor. O’Conner shot, wanting to get a point from play, but was shouldered as he kicked and was awarded a free-in from where the ball landed. O’Connor duly supplied his third point from a free-in, 0-06 to 0-01.

Phil Bannon won a mark from another Finian’s kick-out and passed to Dolan who got caught in a third man tackle. Again up stepped O’Connor with his fourth free and St Brendan’s 7th. On the next attack, Derek Brady went for goal, but the goalkeeper produced a fine save. The resulting 45 was put narrowly wide by Phil Bannon.

John Dolan was next on the score-sheet with a point after Luke McDonagh supplied the final pass. Ronan Bergin then nabbed a short Finian’s kick-out and passed to Eoin O’Connor who was penalised for over-carrying with the entire full back line on his back. Bergin got his second score of the morning in a move which started with Derek Brady dispossessing a Finian’s midfielder.

Lorcan Bannon got his second score of the morning, and again shouted a mild expletive thinking the ball was going wide, but the wind forced it over the right side of the upright. The away side notched up their second score but Eoin O’Connor restored the nine point lead with his fifth free. 0-11 to 0-02.

That lead became 10 after Sean Herron won possession, passed awkwardly to Brady who caught it and found Bergin who’s shot bounced on top of the crossbar and over for his third point of the morning.

Eoin O’Connor finally got a point from play after great play from Ruairi O’Grady and the final play of the half saw Phil Bannon in a promising position for a goal, but the pass from Lorcan went a yard too far.


Half Time Score: St Brendan’s 0-13 to 0-02 St Finian’s.


The away side opened the scoring in the second half with a close range free. Lorcan Bannon went for a shot which looked like a point, the referee gave it despite the umpires waving wide and after consultation with the umpires the point stood. Playing against the wind, St Brendan’s went hunting for goals. Ronan Bergin saw his low shot saved but went straight to Eoin O’Connor who despite a marker getting behind the ball kicked his shot wide.

Kyle McLoughlin came on as a substitute in place of Luke McDonagh and wasted no time in getting on the score-sheet with his first possession a rasping shot which should have been a goal but was good enough for a point. St Finian’s closed the gap to 10 points 0-15 to 0-5 with a 45 following a Mark Redican save. Phil Bannon then went on a super solo-run and passed to Bergin who finally got the goal he craved with a low shot into the net.

A Mark Redican short kick-out to Paul Coleman was intercepted by Finian’s which yielded their sixth point. Defender Oisin Carley made a rare excursion into attack and had a shot which went across the face of goal. Lorcan Bannon managed to barely keep the ball in play, and directed it into the path of Kyle McLoughlin whose low shot took a deflection and crept over the line for a goal. 2-15 to 0-06.

St Finian’s scored a goal direct from a 45 with a ball which evaded everyone on its flight. Hugh Bannon came on as a substitute in place of Eoin O’Connor and also took over the free taking duties. After Lorcan was fouled just outside the penalty area, Hugh stepped up to take and score the free.

After another Finian’s point, a long ball into the Brendan’s goalmouth was punched away by Redican and cleared by Paul Coleman and at the end of the move, it was another sub John Burns who received possession and kicked the ball over the bar.

Another Finian’s point followed. Redican’s short kick-out found Eoin Kavanagh, who passed to Sean Herron, then Marcus Brady, who found his brother. The younger Brady passed to Burns, who finished the attack with a placed low shot to give St Brendan’s a third green flag.

St Finian’s had the final say of the match with a late goal to put some respectability on the scoreboard. St Brendan’s now look to their second consecutive Junior C Quarter Final next month.


Final Score from Longmeadows: St Brendan’s 3-17(26) to 2-08(14) St Finian’s.


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