Jul 27

So was it in or out?

Ladies 1sts Championship v Na Fianna B 25072018 (2)Wed 26th July 2018 – After two victories in The Junior C Championship, the St Brendans Ladies Football 1st XV, sponsored by McGowans of Phibsborough, would give their championship credentials the sternest test thus far by facing Division 4 team Na Fianna B. With the Grangegorman pitch still on holidays (the injured Aisling Newton made herself useful by giving the Grangegorman pitch a tour of the Inishowen Peninsula section of the Wild Atlantic Way), the game was played at a sunny Longmeadows.

It looked like Normal Service Resumes for The Female Dark Force as an early Na Fianna shot fell shot and Michelle Dolan played the ball to Tara Foy, then onto Shauna ‘Jet’ Fitzpatrick and then Sinead ‘Dangermouse’ Reilly, who then played a cross field ball to Sinead Morrissey and The Mullingar Dynamo gave her side, and her parents watching, a dream start with an excellent goal.

Dangermouse had her jersey tugged but the referee waved advantage, none came so the referee bought play back and Roisin McDonald decided to leave the free-in to Erin Fadian and the Pied Piper of Achill made no mistake with the point. Roisin McDonald won the next kick-out and played the ball to Morrissey in the corner, who found The Courageous Deirdre Holland in the centre and onto Christine Dilworth and The Knocknagree Knight showed her worth with a good point from the citeog. 1-02 to no score.

The Mobhi Roaders suddenly woke up and scored a goal in a move which started by a sideline ball. Another Na Fianna free in was stopped by Claire ‘The Heat’ Gallagher and passed to Eimear McKenna, then onto Dilworth, who played a great ball to Morrissey, whose intended lateral pass to Dangermouse found The Courageous Deirdre Holland and the shot over the bar. Morrissey then turned scorer of the fourth point following a neat pass from Erin Fadian.

Na Fianna hit a marvellous point on the 13th minute then we had the first of two water breaks, 1-04 to 1-01. An attempted shot by Karen O Connell fell short and then Na Fianna unleashed their powerful running game to yield a second point. Erin Fadian then won a turnover but double hopped whilst making a break. That free in only went as far as Catherine Twomey and then onto Aoife Fitzmaurice who played a great ball to Christine Dilworth, then onto corner forward O’Connell and The Fresh Prince of Kells did the business with a shot over the black spot. Na Fianna responded with a point to make it a two point game.

After 22 minutes we had the second of the two water breaks in the first half. Both sides traded wides after the break with Sinead Reilly hitting The Female Dark Force’s wide. A Michelle Dolan kick out was won by Na Fianna, and after a gazillion hand passes, Na Fianna had Dolan beaten for goal for the second time and the lead for the away side.

However, O’Connell hit her second point to level matters and a Na Fianna wide from a free in, after The Francie Bellew of Mourneabbey tried to wrestle possession away, was the last action of the first half and a level game.


Half Time Score: St Brendan’s 1-06 to 2-03 Na Fianna B


Na Fianna opened the second half scoring two minutes into the second half.

Then the controversy started.

A shot from Faye ‘Dunaway’ Kearney was stopped by the goalkeeper, but her clearance ricocheted off Sinead ‘Dangermouse’ Reilly and the ball spun towards the goal-line and stopped dead on the line, was it a goal or not? James McGinley says ‘yes’ but the umpire said ‘no’, the referee agreed with the umpire and awarded a free out, much to McGinley’s annoyance. In fact it was all Na Fianna for the next 10 minutes as they hit 1-02 without reply to give St Brendans a big mountain to climb.

But the team have the expertise to chip into this deficit; can they do it this time?

Karen O’Connell had a great chance after collecting Sinead Morrissey’s pass but her shot went into the side netting. Christine Dilworth had her jerey tugged when in possession, the referee gave advantage and Dilworth took her shot but hit the upright, the referee pulled back play and allowed Morrissey the chance to reduce the deficit with a free in and she duly did. 3-06 to 1-07.

The Mobhi Roaders continued their strong running game but could not get the scores, with one shot cleared by Claire Owens. The Knocknagree Knight did make amends when a goal shot by Dangermouse was blocked down and rebounded to Dilworth and with the citeog, swung the ball over the bar. Faye ‘Dunaway’ Kearney’s bid narrow the deficit to three points ended when she ws deemed to have overcarried.

Chances were at an absolute premium for the remainder of the game, Na Fianna also over carried, when in a good position.

In the final minute, a Sinead Morrissey free in was played short to The Couragous Deirdre Holland whose low shot was deflected for a 45. Erin Fadian took the 45 to fellow Achill lady Holland and was fouled on the 20 meter line. Morrissey played the free in short. With 6 Na Fianna players on the line, it was the goalkeeper who cleared the ball but straight into the path of Christine Dilworth, who volleyed the ball into the net. The referee disallowed the goal because of a square ball and whistled up for full time immediately afterwards.

So disappointment for St Brendans against a side whose Division 4 experience showed throughout the game. Victory in the final Championship game away to Clontarf is vital to guarantee a semi-final berth in the Junior C Championship.


Final score from Longmeadows: St Brendans 1-08(11) to 3-06(15) Na Fianna B.


In the Junior G Championship, The St Brendan’s 2nd XV, sponsored by Martin and Moran property advisors picked up a second draw of the competition against St Jude’s with a score of 4-09 to 3-12.

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Jul 19

Shauna Fitzpatrick Flying without Wings

Ladies 1sts Champo v Naomh Olaf 18072018 (5)Wed 18th July 2018 – With the Grangegorman pitch on the last few days of its holidays, I understand the pitch is touring the Wild Atlantic Way up near James McGinley’s homestead in Milford Co. Donegal, The St Brendan’s Ladies 1sts XV, sponsored by McGowans of Phibsborough were back in Longmeadows for Round 2 of the Junior C Championship with Naomh Olaf the opposition.

After showing raw Achill Island courage last Wednesday, it was more of the same for Deirdre Holland as the Achill Islander scored the opening point for The Female Dark Force when Shauna ‘Jet’ Fitzpatrick won the turnover and Aoife Fitzmaurice supplied the final pass. Roisin McDonald played a one two with Fitzmaurice with her shot falling short, but the clearance only went as far as Sinead ‘Dangermouse’ Reilly, who despite her first shot being blocked, stuck a low shot into the Naomh Olaf net.

That score became 1-02 following another turnover, this time from Erin Fadian and a final pass from Claire Owens to Sinead Morrissey for the score. Olafs saw their first shot hit the bar and cleared by Orla King, another shot went wide thanks to great defence by The Queen of Kings.

A shot from Fitzpatrick dropped to the Olaf’s goalkeeper but her clearance only went as far as Sinead Morrissey and the Mullingar Dynamo made no mistake with her second point of the evening. A shot from Dangermouse hit the bar, and the ball fell to Morrissey but her shot went straight to the goalkeeper.

The Away side got their opening score of the game and after 15 minutes, the referee ordered a 3 minute water break. Aisling Newton, injured last week against Crumlin, acted as Maor Uisce for the evening. A sideline ball for Naomh Olaf, went straight to Roisin McDonald and played a long ball into the corner where Sinead ‘Dangermouse’ Reilly competed in a race for possession, but somehow won the ball back and played a cross field ball were Shauna ‘Jet’ Fitzpatrick made no mistake by kicking the ball over the bar.

Olaf’s pulled another point back, but Fitzpatrick had a second point on the board after The Tub O’Curry Claire McIntyre turned over possession after Olaf’s won a Brendan’s kick-out. Roisin McDonald won Karen O’Connell’s kick-out, and on the other side Morrissey had her third point of the evening. That score became 1-07 when Morrissey made it a brace with her fourth point after a pass from Dangermouse.

The two Sinéad’s combined again and it was the Mullingar Dynamo who added a goal alongside her four points after Dangermouse won a long ball. A free in converted by Naomh Olaf was the last action of the first half and a lead for The Female Dark Force. , Among the spectators was former St Brendan’s ladies full back and Ironman Triathlete extraordinaire Claire Gorman, fresh from doing the Ironman Triathlon in Austria, click here to read a full account of this massive achievement. On behalf of everyone in St Brendan’s GAA, well done Claire.


Half time Score: St Brendan’s 2-07(13) to 0-03 Naomh Olaf


Naomh Olaf got the opening score of the second half. After coming on as a substitute in the second half, Julie Fox made her return with a point after a long kick-out by Karen O’Connell found Roisin McDonald who played a long ball towards Sinead Morrissey then onto the Ballylanders Bullet.

After seeing so many of her teammates on the scoresheet with two points or more, Deirdre Holland got her second point, and St Brendan’s ninth and a top class one at that, after an interception from The Queen of Kings, Orla King. Another Olaf’s point followed. O’Connell’s kick-out was caught by Roisin McDonald who played a long ball to Julie Fox, but with a wall of sky blue in front of her she passed to Shauna ‘Jet’ Fitzpatrick who collected Fox’s pass drove through the wall and buried the ball in the Olaf’s net to make it 3-09 to 0-05.

Another kick-out was won by McDonald, which resulted in a point for Julie Fox. After limping off training with a bruised finger, Inés Rubio Alcalá Galiano was fit to play and came on as a second half substitute.

After a brace of points from the away side which sandwiched a water break, The Ballylanders Bullet Julie Fox hit another point, again McDonald catching a kick-out and this time Deirdre Holland supplying the final pass.

It wasnt long for the fourth goal was scored. Christine Dilworth won a turnover and after initially losing Karen O’Connell’s kick-out, played the ball to The Courageous Deirdre Holland and finally onto Nicola Carrabine who shot dipped under the crossbar, hit the inner frame of the goalmouth and went in for a goal. Such was the low sun in her eyes, Carrabine didn’t realise it was a goal until 20 seconds later. 4-11 to 0-07.

St Brendans were not finished yet and yet another kick-out was caught by The Malin Head Giant Roisin McDonald and in the end, Sinead ‘Dangermouse’ Reilly went one on one with the goalkeeper but had to be content with the point.

Dangermouse had a case of déjà vu two minutes later when the same scenario occurred and again the same result of a point, this time it was The Basque Superstar Inés Rubio Alcalá Galiano who got the ball rolling with a turnover.

Karen O’Connell was determined to keep a clean sheet and saw an Olaf’s shot go across the face of goal with Catherine Twomey ensuring the ball went wide. But Olaf’s nevertheless did hit an eighth point. After a Carabine shot went wide, the goalkeeper’s kick-out went straight to Sinead Morrissey who passed onto Julie Fox for the fifth St Brendans goal.

The referee called a halt to proceedings and a second Junior C Championship victory was secured. But sterner tests await for the rest of the Championship as The Female Dark Force now face two teams with Division 4 experience, Na Fianna B, next Wednesday and Clontarf B the following Wednesday away in St Annes Park Pitch 34.


Final Score from Longmeadows: St Brendans 5-13(28) to 0-08 Naomh Olaf.

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Jul 17

Improving, but not quite there!!!

2nds v St Patricks Palmerstown 16072018 (4)16 July 2018 – After losing the bragging rights of El North Inner City Classico, The St Brendan’s 2nd XV, were due to play their AFL10 encounter away to St Patricks Palmerstown on Sunday Afternoon the 15th July. However, due to players being interested in either watching and cheering on Croatia in, The World Cup Final or catching the first wkend of the super 8’s in Croker, the game was played at the far pitch of Glenauline park at 7.30pm the following day, Monday 16 July 2018. Sadly, for those who invested heavily on those iconic red and white chequered jerseys, France won 4-2. Football’s coming home, they said, Footballs actually taking French Leave!

To start the game Padraig O’Reilly made a darting solo run but had his jersey tugged in a move more likely to be seen in the WWE, not the GAA. Up stepped John Ryan with the free in and the point. A minute later, Pat’s had the ball in the back of the Brendan’s net, despite a good save from Morgan Young.

In fact, it was all Pats for the next 15 minutes with four points on the spin, the fourth of which resulted when a pass to Malachi Doyle went awry after Cathal McCormack caught a well taken Mark.

Billy Kelly got his brother in law Pearse Ryan on the field and made an impact with a Mark from a Pat’s kickout and played the ball to Malachi Doyle, who made a 50 meter solo run. His shot was good but the goalkeeper got a slight hand to the ball but only as far as Paul McIntyre who palmed the ball in the net. Another Pat’s point followed to see halftime.


Half time Score: St Brendans 1-01 to 1-05 St Patricks


In the second half St Pat’s Palmerstown scored a goal in their first attack.

Did Annihilation wait?

The Darkest Force, threw everything and the kitchen sink at the opposition (or in Padraig Pratt’s case, a 40 year old giant metal Quinnsworth sign) in fact it was The Son Of Maurice who got the ball rolling with a crucial turnover, passed it to Conor Coyle, then to John Ryan and finally onto Kevin Henry with the point. Coyle won the Pat’s kickout, got fouled and Ryan converted. Another Pat’s kickout was won, this time by Kevin Henry, who hand passed the ball across the face of goal, where Paul McIntyre palmed another ball into the net to put two between the sides.

After that pulsating opening five minutes, breathe.

Another turnover this time from The Bonkers from Yonkers, Kevin Purce, played the ball to Pratt who made a bursting solo run, then onto Pearse Ryan, then onto Kevin Henry, who was hit with a thunderous shoulder, but still found Michael Devine and the big Tyrone impact sub got his first score in the black and amber to put one between the sides.

The sides were level with 15 minutes to go when Brian Lavelle played a great ball to Coyle who got the equalising score. But Palmerstown started to fight back and the level game did not last long with a lead point being kicked by St Pat’s, after a move which had 50 consecutive handpasses and a Brian Lavelle turnover.

Alas, the Brendan’s comeback did not last long as Palmerstown beat Morgan Young for a third time for a goal and the fizz went out of the game completely. Despite another free in from John Ryan, after Conor Coyle was pushed, Pats got back up the field to hit another point.

In the final minute, Cathal McCormack played a ball across the face of goal, but John Ryan could not make the perfect fist and the ball went wide. So another disappointment for the St Brendan’s 2nds, although Billy Kelly was pleased to see some good football played throughout the game. The team have two more chances to secure that July victory starting this Thursday against Trinity Gaels and a chance to avenge last year’s controversial encounter.


Final Score from Glenauline Park. St Brendans 2-06 (12) to 3-08 (17) St Patricks Palmerstown.

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Jul 12

No Dutch, but raw Achill Courage from Deirdre Holland in Championship Opener

Ladies Championship v Crumlin 11072018 (6)Wed 11 July 2018 – After winning last year’s Junior F Championship, the St Brendan’s Ladies footballers, sponsored by McGowans of Phibsboro, moved up three grades to the Junior C Championship. Like the opening game of the League campaign, Crumlin in Pearse Park was the venue for the opening championship game.

Only 15 players were available for the Female Dark Force and with Crumlin having lots of re-enforcement, so nobody was expecting the 5-14 to 0-02 victory that was obtained in March.

Crumlin got the opening score after 4 minutes. Amazingly, it was their only score for the whole of the first half. Christine Dilworth won a turnover and played the ball to Sinéad Morrissey who went on a 30 meter solo run but her path was blocked, she played the ball to Aoife Fitzmaurice but her shot was blocked down but only as far as Roisin McDonald for the equaliser.

Like last Wednesday, James McGinley played Karen O’Connell in the forwards and Michelle Dolan in goal and it was The Fresh Prince of Kells who made it two points to one with the shot over the bar after a McDonald shot hit the butt of the post. O’Connell, with the citeog, hit St Brendan’s first goal of the game in a move which started with a foul on Claire McIntyre and a free that was moved up 10 meters.

In fact it was two goals in succession with Sinéad Morrissey the goal scorer, after a pass from Aisling Newton. It wasn’t long before we saw The Carndonagh Cyclone on the scoresheet and it was inevitable that the first score would be a goal, after a turnover from Siobhan Maloney, on towards Claire McIntyre and finally onto Newton for a low shot into net. Some tremendous defending from Erin Fadian ensured that the home side were limited to one point, even if her brother on the sideline had one eye on the World Cup on his tablet.

The score became 3-03 when McDonald played a free in to Morrissey, but the Mullingar Dynamo found a blue Cul de Sac and played the ball to the onrushing McDonald for a shot over the bar. Another clearance this time by Tara Foy played a one two with McDonald then onto Karen O’Connell, then Sinéad Morrissey and finally Aisling Newton for the Carndonagh Cyclone to skim the end line and punch the ball over the bar.

Michelle Dolan was determined not to concede a goal and her line was almost breached but the Dromahair Dodger stopped a Crumlin shot with her foot and was cleared by Erin Fadian. Close to the end of the first half, Crumlin got a free in, but the shot went wide.


Half Time Score: St Brendan’s 3-04 (13) to 0-01 Crumlin.


Before we go any further, this writer would like to congratulate Andrea Curley and her now husband Eoin McCormack, on their fairy-tale wedding in Lake Bled in Slovenia last Saturday.

No such fairy tale for the Female Dark Force who worked hard in the second half to get the scores needed. The Inishowen combination combined for the opening score of the second half. Crumlin got their second score a minute later. Indeed it would be a brace, with the second of those points being a free in.

Any chance of a fairy tale comeback by Crumlin were promptly quashed by St Brendan’s, and Sinead Morrissey in particular when the Mullingar Dynamo, after picking up an Erin Fadian pass, went on a 40 meter solo run and crashed a shot to the Crumlin net.

A great build up come to nothing, at least when Crumlin turned over a Morrissey pass to Deirdre Holland, but Morrissey did win the ball back and played the ball to Christine Dilworth, then onto McDonald and finally to Newton whose low shot hit the Crumlin net for a 5th time, 5-05 to 0-03.

Another Morrissey point followed, and the Crumlin goalkeeper played the ball straight to Karen O’Connell, who almost punished that error but the ball hit the butt of the post, another chance befell The Fresh Prince of Kells, but her shot went straight to the goalkeeper.

Deirdre Holland showed great courage when collecting a Morrissey pass, beating two Crumlin players and shot over the bar. Holland then turned provider when passing to Morrissey who showed a great turn of foot when passing to Christine Dilworth and the Knocknagree Knight made no mistake when kicking the ball over the bar and make it 5-08 to 0-03.

Despite what happened a few minutes ago, Karen O’Connell eventually got back on the scoresheet after a 40 meter solo run and pass from Aoife Fitzmaurice. Fitzmaurice was also provider of the final pass that allowed Deirdre Holland to notch up her second score of the evening. Aisling Newton then limped off injured, but at this stage, the game was as good as won.

Lets hope Newtown will be fit for the next Championship outing next Wednesday with a home tie against Naomh Olaf.


Final score from Pearse Park Crumlin: St Brendans 5-10 (25) to 0-05 Crumlin.

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Jul 10

Finally, Finally FINALLY!

Hurlers v St Maurs 09072018 (4)Monday 9th July 2018 – On Sunday July 1st, St Brendan’s Hurling, you could say, hit a low ebb in St Catherine’s Park, when only 13 players showed up for a League encounter against Na Gaeil Oga, who mercilessly ran out 4-19 to 0-5 winners.

This Monday evening the 9th it was a different story when 22 players togged out as The St Brendan’s Hurlers, sponsored by Transdev started, what would hope will be, the start of the upward curve with St Maurs of Rush the visitors to Longmeadows.

But in the opening quarter, The away side had two goals on the board already.

Another lower ebb was going to be reached.

Or was it?

In fact, the score was 2-3 to 0-4 when this writer arrived after 15 minutes, and saw St Maur’s got a point after Richie Barry, blinded by the sun, spotted the slioter bounce in front of him, over his head and over the bar.

But the Dark Force got motoring in the final 10 minutes of the first half with five points on the spin, the first came from Daniel Murray after a pass from Paul Lynch. Mark Kinsella made a great clearance but only as far as a Maurs back but his clearance went as far as Sean Beatty and with the sun in his eyes, pucked the ball over the bar.

Rory Tynan was chopped down when winning possession, but Paul Lynch pulled his free in wide. The Maurs puckout was won by Padraig Pratt and pucked the ball to Tynan who played a vertical ball in the square when Shane Muldoon managed to puck over the bar from short distance. Lynch had the last say of the half with a score from the 65.


Half Time Score: St Brendan’s 0-09 to 2-04 St Maurs


Aidan Melia demanded his side to work hard because they find themselves in ‘A Right F****** Hole’ and the only way we can dig ourselves out of this ‘Right F****** Hole’ is to work harder than ever before.

A shot from St Maur’s went wide, Richie Barry’s puckout found Conor Browne and then onto Michael Heffernan and the shot over the bar and the sides were level once again.

Unfortunately, St Brendan’s found themselves in that Right F****** Hole once again when St Maur’s scored an opportunist goal that even Richie Barry didn’t even see, 3-4 to 0-10. But Barry got the shovel out and started digging his side out of the hole when his puckout found Sean Beatty who pointed a marvellous score to put two between the sides.

Another Barry puckout off 65 meters saw the players scramble for the sliotar, Michael Heffernan emerged from the scramble with possession and hand passed to Sean Breatty who steadied himself and drive the sliotar over the bar for a one-point game. A sideline cut from Paul Lynch found Ger Power who then played a crossfield ball to Clive Kennedy and soon had the ball over the bar for the equalising score 3-4 to 0-13.

Any chance of the lead score ended, for now, when a long ball by Ger Power was not connected and eventually cleared over the sideline. The St Maur’s Sideline cut was worked in, but a foul resulted in their goalkeeper pointing the free in from all of 80 meters over the bar for the lead again for the away side. Another foul by Conor Browne gave St Maur’s a chance for a two-point lead from 35 meters which they duly did. 3-6 to 0-13.

St Brendan’s were given the mother and father of all lifelines when a clearance by Richie Barry found Trevor Purtill who fed to Paul Lynch and finally Michael Heffernan who worked his way in to slice open the defence and score a crucial goal and the lead for The Dark Force. The lead did not last long because St Maur’s came back up the field and hit an equalising point.

However, St Brendan’s were back in the lead, and you can safely say, they have totally emerged out of that ‘Right F****** Hole’ when Lynch played the sliotar into the small square, another scramble emerged and it was Rory Tynan to got a hurl to the ball to crash the St Maurs net for a priceless goal and a three point lead 2-13 to 3-7.

Sean Beatty then turned provider to Trevor Purtill who made it a four point game with a well taken point. After another Maur’s point, the gap was back to four points with a great turnover from Padraig Pratt, onto Paul Lunch and finally Sean Beatty for the point. 2-15 to 3-8 with five minutes of a pulsating game to go and Aidan Melia on his knees.

Pratt, Mark Kinsella and Eanna Larkin were defending heroically to keep Richie Barry’s goal line intact, but Maurs did get another long-distance point. Another scramble on the Maurs 20-meter line resulted in a hopball, which St Maurs won but had a fresh air shot when clearing. Clive Kennedy pinched the pocket and played the ball to Eddie Hearne and the Wexican got another crucial score for a four point lead, 2-16 to 3-10 as the game reached the final minute with Maur’s scoring to make it a three point game.

Billy Kelly made a great solo run but ended up being hooked, Paul Lynch protected possession and played it to Michael Heffernan for the point and the semi comfort zone of a four point lead. Trevor Purtill had plenty of energy to hook a St Maurs player on a solo run and win a free out for his side. Purtill played the ball to Paul Lynch who had his jersey tugged and the referee played advantage. There was no advantage so a crucial free in for St Brendans. Eddie Hearne look at the ball, picked it up, struck it and struck it over the bar and a 5 point lead, 2-18 to 4-10, three minutes into injury time.

But the drama was not finished yet.

A shot from St Maurs was brilliantly saved by Richie Barry for a 65. Virtually everybody was between the goal line and the 65 as the goalkeeper played the 65 into the small square. The sliotar hit the underside of the crossbar, bounced onto the goal line and out but a loose hurl connected with the sliotar and there was a goal for St. Maur’s. Two points in it now.

St Brendan’s were now facing the most heartbreaking defeat of all time.

Or Was it?

Another shot from Sean Beatty went inches wide which could have given his side a slight buffer. St Maurs went on the attack, looking for a smash and grab goal, and a shot deflected of Richie Barry’s hurl and inches away from the goal but thankfully for Barry, it trickled over the end line for a 65. Like the previous 65, all 29 players were standing between the goal line and 20-meter line but the goalkeeper pucked the 65 over the bar instead for a one point game.

Barry’s puckout was won by St Maurs who pucked it back in hoping for an equalising score, but only in the hand of Mark Kinsella who made a solo run and got as far as the 45-meter line when the referee brought a dramatic, pulsating game of Hurling to a conclusion.

Aidan Melia was overcome with emotion. Cian Walsh threw his hands in the sky and said “Thank God”. St Brendan’s have Finally, Finally, finally won a game of Hurling for the first time in the 2018 season. For the players, it was a joyous occasion and even Richie Barry celebrated by doing the Dora The Explorer We Did It dance. A victory which, no doubt, will mean so much to the team, the players and the short-term future of small ball code in the club.

Now, can they make it win number 2, This Thursday the 12th against Raheny Who knows, but for now, let us all savour this final scoreline.


Final Score from Longmeadows: St Brendan’s 2-18 (24) to 4-11 (23) St Maurs.

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Jul 06

Paul McIntyre goal not enough in El North Inner City Classico

2nds v St Josephs O Connell Boys 05072018 (1)Thurs 5th July 2018 – Still buoyed up by their emphatic win against Whitehall Colmcilles last Thursday, the St Brendans 2nd XV, went into their Division 10 encounter with St Joseph’s O’Connell Boys with high hopes of a 2nd successive win.

Indeed The Darkest Force got off to a dream start Paul McIntyre won the race for the ball after a pass from John Ryan to sidefoot the ball into the Joey’s net.

However, that was as good as it got for The Darkest Force because that was the only score for the whole of the first half whereas Joeys scored 1-07, but only took the lead after 20 minutes when the goal came after three points were scored, Malachi Doyle had a great chance to add a few points to the tally, but unfortunately hit two close wides.


Half Time Score: St Brendan’s 1-00 to 1-07 St Joseph O’Connell Boys.


The away side got the opening score of the second half and Doyle finally waved his Wicklow Wizardry with a point after a short Joeys kickout went straight to Paul McInytre and onto Doyle.

Another Joeys point followed. Cathal McCormack jinked this way and that and his shot was half blocked down but Hugh Bannon retrieved the ball and blasted the ball into the back of the net to put St Brendan’s back into the contest, 1-09 to 2-01. However any hope of a comeback disintegrated when, in the next attack, Joey’s scored an opportunist goal.

But St Brendan’s kept plugging away and Hugh Bannon was fouled when passing to Conor Coyle, Up steeped John Ryan with the point, but another Joeys point followed, 2-11 to 2-02.

Ryan made a daring run into the Joeys half where he popped the ball to Coyle for the 3rd St Brendans point of the evening. But Joey’s then sealed the victory with 10 minutes to go with a 3rd goal.

A line ball by Malachi Doyle was intended for John Ryan, who planned to palm the ball into the path of Conor Coyle, but instead, the ball came off a Joey’s player for a 45. Hugh Bannon played the 45 short into McIntyre and from where Ryan made contact with his hand, the ball bounced off McIntyre’s head and into the Joey’s net for an unlikeliest of goals, but they all count!

After Conor Coyle got fouled, he took the free quickly, but the referee ordered him to take the free in again, and after composing himself, converted the free in over the bar for a ten point deficit.

A ball from Paul Lynch found Paul McIntyre, who thought he heard the referee’s whistle and paused momentarily, the referee waved play on and McIntyre kept possession and played the ball to Conor Coyle and the shot over the bar. The referee whistled up on 29:59 on my watch and another defeat for St Brendans 2nds who have three more chances of getting a win in July, starting on Monday 16th July against St Patricks Palmerstown.


Final Score from Longmeadows: St Brendans 3-05(14) to 3-14 (23) St Joseph O’Connell Boys.

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Jul 05

Karen O’Connell gives James McGinley the ultimate birthday present of a selection headache

Ladies 1sts Cup v Ranelagh Gaels 04072018 (8)Wed 04th July 2018 – After a two week absence, The St Brendans Ladies 1st XV, sponsored by McGowans of Phibsborough, were back in Division 5 Cup action in Bushy Park in Terenure against Ranelagh Gaels. Despite giving a handful of walkovers in Division 5, Ranelagh Gaels limited high flying Ballyboughal to just 15 points and scored 1-07 in their Cup match last Wednesday.

James McGinley raised a few eyebrows when, for the first time since, ooh I don’t know when, he selected Karen O’Connell, not as a goalkeeper, but at left corner forward, with Michelle Dolan donning the goalkeepers gloves for the evening.

The Female Dark Force got the opening score of the game with a point from Sinead Morrissey, with The Fresh Prince of Kells supplying the final pass and ensuring she settled in nicely in her new outfield role. Indeed The Mullingar Dynamo would double her and her teams lead with a second point, this time it was Deirdre Holland with the final pass.

The home side got their first score and Michelle Dolans first kick out, with the citeog, went to Tara Foy. An intended pass from Holland to O’Connell went too high but Aisling Newton was there to collect the ball to kick over the bar and the third point of the evening.

After an initial shot went wide, Karen O’Connell proved to James McGinley that she can mix it with the forwards by kicking a tremendous point with the citeog with Roisin McDonald supplying the final ball. Newton found the net with a great goal after a long ball in from Erin Fadian, 1-04 to 0-01.

After a hopball was won by Ranelagh, Sinead ‘Dangermouse’ Reilly won the turnover and fed the ball to The Carndonagh Cyclone for another point. Indeed that was the first of a brace of points by Newton, the second of which saw the two Sinead’s, Morrissey and Reilly involved in the build-up.

That score became 1-07 to 0-01 when Achill Island Native Deirdre Holland put the heartbreak of #newbridgeornowhere behind her with a great point after Morrissey used her Mullingar strength to win the ball after a pass from Catherine Twomey. Ranelagh then got a brace of points. Dolans kick out found Erin Fadian, the Inishowen Combination were also involved and Karen O’Connell notched up her second point of the evening on her favoured left boot. A cross field ball from O’Connell fell short, but the referee spotted that Sinead Morrissey had been fouled when challenging for the ball. The Mullingar Dynamo’s pointed free was the last action of the first half.


Half Time Score: St Brendans 1-09 to 0-03 Ranelagh Gaels.


In the second half after a shot by Sinead Reilly was blocked for a 45. Roisin McDonald played a short 45 to fellow Inishowen lady Newton, who played the ball back to McDonald to put the ball over the bar. The home side scored a brace of points , but Newton had the score 1-11 to 0-05 with another point after a diagonal ball from Karen O’Connell.

Claire McIntyre got into the scoring act by collecting a pass from Erin Fadian and shooting over the bar. Sinead Morrissey had a great chance for a goal but the Ranelagh Goalkeeper denied the Mullingar Dynamo with a Gordon Banks-esque save.

Ranelagh Gaels went on a comeback and got within 3 points of St Brendan’s, 1-12 to 1-09 with 10 minutes to go. Michelle Dolan was beaten for goal and there was a water break in-between as well.

With the Ranelagh Gaels tails definitely up, James McGinley urged his side up their game, a crucial turnover from The Francie Bellew of Moruneabbey, Catherine Twomey was the start of the move which lead to Sinead ‘Dangermouse’ Reilly being pushed in the back when picking up a loose ball. Aisling Newton converted the free in for a 4 point game.

A free in by Ranelagh was turned over by McDonald, on towards Aoife Fitzmaurice and finally onto Karen O’Connell, with the citcog, to shoot over the bar and a 5 point game to give James McGinley, who had a birthday this week, a selection headache over whether or not to put O’Connell in goal or outfield in the next game.

With three minutes to go, the referee gave advantage to Ranelagh for a foul in the corner, another foul took place in the penalty area and a penalty was awarded. James McGinley ordered Karen O’Connell, still wearing her outfield jersey to go on the goalline to face the penalty, however The Fresh Prince Of kells could not stop the penalty hitting the back of the net. Could Ranelagh grab an unlucky smash and grab victory?

Michelle Dolan, with a Packie Bonner look of determination on her face, punted the kick out all the way to the 65 meter line, where Aoife Fitzmaurice won possession, made 30 meters and found Sinead Morrissey, who jinked around two Ranelagh backs and sidefooted the ball into the corner of the net which was met with wild celebration on the St Brendans sideline.

The Ranelagh kick out was the action of the game and St Brendan’s Ladies 1sts continue their unbeaten run to 8 games, but no doubt the team were put to the pin of their collar by a resilient Ranelagh Gaels side.

It’s the start of the Championship next Wednesday and despite winning the Junior F Championship last year, St Brendans find themselves in the Junior C this year. No doubt the stern test the team faced this evening will be perfect experience, especially against when they come up against Division 4 teams Na Fianna (July 25th) and Clontarf (August 1st), but its Crumlin first up next Wednesday.


Final Score from Bushy Park Terenure: St Brendans 2-14 (20) to 2-09 (15) Ranelagh Gaels.


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Jul 04

Good enough for me and James McGee

1sts v Erins Isle 03072018 (4)Tues 03 July 2018 – With the pitch in Grangegorman on holiday, for the first time this year The St Brendan’s 1st XV, played a home game in Longmeadows under sweltering conditions with Erins Isle the opposition.

James McGee gave The Dark Force a dream start when a John Burns shot fell short and the Milltown Co. Galway man was the first to pounce by fisting the ball (a la Maradona Hand Of God) into the Erins Isle net. The Away side got their first score, a point after 8 minutes.

A sideline ball from The Notorious Ryan Egan was excellently caught by Phil Bannon, who found Paul Coleman and finally onto John Burns with the point. McGee added a point to the goal he got in the opening minute with Derek Brady the final pass supplier.

Another Isles point followed, then St Brendan’s really hit a purple patch. Burns again with his second point from play after an assist from the two Mayoman Paul Coleman and Niall Prenty. The Prince Of Ballyhaunis jinked this way and that to score point number four in a move which started with Mark Redican punching the ball clear. The referee then called a three minute water break.

After the waterbreak, Colin Folan snatched the ball out of the grasp of an Isles forward, the isles player retaliated and the referee gave a hop ball which Phil Bannon won and palmed to John Dolan and finally onto Derek Brady for the point, 1-05 to 0-02.

Phil Bannon was back in possession after the kickout and played the ball to Prenty and finally onto Burns who sold two great dummies to take his shot and over the bar.

Lorcan Bannon got into the action by playing a neat one two with brother Phil and his shot from 35 meters sailed over the bar. The score became 1-09 to 0-2 with Prenty the free taker with the point after drawing the foul himself, there was some great defending by Frankin O’Reilly and Conor Reilly to limit Erins Isle to just 2 point so far in the game.

However, Eris Isle played the ball in the shadow of the trees and it yielded a goal to put them back in the game.


Half Time Score: St Brendan’s 1-09 to 1-02 Erins Isle.


Both teams traded points in the opening two minutes of the second half with the boot of John Dolan for the Dark Forces. James McGee got his 2nd point of the evening after Derek Brady played his free in to the Milltown man.

The men from Finglas then got a point back. Lorcan Bannon restored the nine point lead after Phil Bannon won The Mark off Redican’s kick out. Another Isles point followed.

Like he did against St Maurs last week, John Burns hit an Animal of a Score after a long ball from Phil Bannon. 15 minutes to go and Niall Prenty was fouled in the penalty area. John Burns waited for a 3minute water break to take the penalty, then took a typical three step run up and kicked with the citeog into the top right hand corner to put The Dark Force in the driving seat.

Erins Isle hit a brace of points in what was their final scores of the game. John Dolan was desperate to get a trademark score and he got just that with seven minutes to go, Dolan skimmed the left hand side of the end line, rather then the right, and fisted over from a tight angle. That was his last action because he was substituted in place of Cathal McCormack.

Karl Feehan got on the score sheet late in the game after John Burns ran into an Erins Isle cul-de-sac and passed to Feehan. A McCormack blocked shot was the last action of the game and St Brendan’s win what is a crucial two league points to keep the team in contention for a promotion play off place with four games to go. All Games from now on will be on Sundays at 11am with The Dark Force away to Clontarf on July 15th.


Final Score from Longmeadows: St Brendans 2-17 to 1-07 Erins Isle.

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Jul 03

Emma Duffy defensively superior for Ladies 2nds

Ladies 2nds v Templeogue Synge Street 02072018 (1)Mon 02 July 2018 – We haven’t reported much on the St Brendan’s Ladies 2nd XV, this is because their games take place simultaneously with the 1st XV. So on the first Monday in July, the Ladies 2nds, sponsored by Martin and Moran Property Advisors, were in Longmeadows in a bid for a 2nd win of the season against Templeogue Synge Street.

However, the away side, in essence, ended the game as a contest in the 3nd minute with two quick fire goals, the second of which came from Augustina Lazzerini’s kickout. Indeed TSS went 3-03 to no score after 14 minutes. The Female Dark Force got on the board when Lorna Barton made a break to Siobhan Moloney and played a great ball to Marina Kilduff and her shot over the bar. Like last Thursday with the Mens 2nds game, there was a 3 minute water break such was the hot conditions.

TSS added a fourth goal before Marina Kilduff added a second point with a free in after a foul on Helen Lenihan after picking up a pass from The Turkish Delight Mina Alkunkaya.

To their credit, the Ladies, particularly Emma Duffy and Romy Madden defended extremely well to limit TSS to 3-07 at Half Time with The Crossmolina Deel Rover winning eight turnovers.

The Away side notched up three points on the spin at the start of the second half, but Kilduff was back on the scoresheet with point number 3 after a Sabrina Fleming pass. There was great defending by the St Brendans defence and a Michelle Ryan pass found Marina Kilduff, who with the goal at her mercy, place it low into the net. 3-11 to 1-03. Another Syngers point followed, then there was a 2nd water break of the game.

Mina Alkunkaya saw her goal shot cleared by the goalkeeper. A brace of points followed by TSS, and Deirdre Holland, put the disappointment of Saturdays Newbridgegate behind her by hitting a well taken point.


Full Time Score: St Brendan’s 1-04 to 3-14 Templeogue Synge Street.


Despite a 3-14 to 1-04 defeat, St Brendan’s Ladies 2nds defended very well. In other news the Female Dark Force were given their 2nd victory of the season with a walkover due to Ballyboden St Endas being unable to field a team for Wednesday’s clash.

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Jun 22

Because you’re Dilworth it, Again!

Ladies 1sts Cup v Round Towers Clondalkin 20062018 (1)Wed 20 Jun 2018 – After a three week break, to allow for any players to sit the Leaving Certificate, St Brendans Ladies Footballers, Sponsored by McGowans of Phibsborough were back in action in Round one of the Division 5 Cup with Round Towers Clondalkin the opposition. After hitting 12-12 in the League Fixture on May 16th, the Female Dark Force were not taking anything for granted and expected a good battle.

Half a minute was gone when the Inishowen Combination struck first blood with Roisin McDonald winning the opening throw in and passing to Aisling Newton for the opening point. The two combined for the second score with McDonald winning the Towers kick out and Newton pointing.

Three minutes in and The Carndonagh Cyclone had 1-02 to her tally already with a goal after collecting a pass from Deirdre Holland. Erin Fadian won a turnover ball and passed to McDonald who was looking without success for Aisling Newton, so instead the pass was given to Christine Dilworth who promptly scored the point.

The Home side were determined early on and managed to score a goal and a point too to make it 1-04 to 1-01 after 17 minutes. Karen O’Connell’s kick-out was won by Tara Foy who found Claire Owens, then Dilworth and finally onto Sinead Morrissey and easy as pie, The Mullingar Dynamo netted the second St Brendan goal of the evening. Morrissey then turned provider to the Knocknagree Knight to notch up her second point 2-05 to 1-01.

Round Towers Clondalkin kept attacking but Erin Fadian was just a wall between the forward and the goal with eight turnovers in a eight minute period, but they still got a second point from a free in. Another kick out from the Fresh Prince of Kells resulted in a third St Brendan’s goal, Roisin McDonald made a great catch and found Sinead Morrissey who saw her shot go off the crossbar but Aisling Newton was on hand to palm the ball into the net.

Another Towers point followed, and from O’Connell’s kick-out another point from was scored by Dilworth, her third of the evening. The Towers kick-out went straight to Newton who punished that mistake with a low shot and into the net for goal number 4.

Karen O’Connell was beaten for goal for a second time, Andrea Doherty picked up an injury when attempting to win the kick out and was replaced by Lorna Barton. The Female Dark Force took their foot off the gas momentarily which allowed Towers to score their fourth point but a great point from Sinead ‘Dangermouse’ Reilly closed the half


Half Time Score: St Brendan’s 4-07(19) to 2-04(10) Round Towers Clondalkin


James McGinley was not happy with the slackness of the players near the end of the first half, but in reality, it seemed like they were saving their energies for an explosive start to the second half when Newton got her fourth goal with a shot that dipped under the crossbar at the last second for a fifth St Brendan’s goal.

Sinead Morrissey’s parents made the journey from Mullingar to see their daughter in action ensured a short and happy trip to the Midlands with her second point of the evening.

Sinead ‘Dangermouse’ Reilly won the kick-out and Roisin McDonald was running beside her to collect the pass and shoot over the bar. Reilly won the next kick-out but this time with no McDonald to support her, so she took the shot herself and over the bar 5-10 to 2-05.

A Towers free in fell short to Tara Foy and was moved up the field by the two Sinead’s then by the Inishowen Combination with Newton the final pass and a point to give her a personal tally of 4-03. That was the two Sinead’s last action and they were replaced by Helen Lenihan and Enya Cody. Lenihan’s first contribution was to supply the final pass to Newton for another point.

McDonald won the Towers kick-out and passed straight to Dilworth for her second goal of the evening. Lenihan made a great catch when winning the Towers kick-out and played the ball to Newton for another point, this time with the fist. 6-13 to 2-05.

After hitting a wide earlier on, Dilworth made no mistake this time with another point, while Foy and Lorna Barton were busy defending the Brendan’s goal. Another save from O’Connell and Barton clearance and yet again the two Inishowen ladies teamed up when Newton went one on one with the goalkeeper and there was going to be one result and that was a fifth Newton goal. 7-14 to 2-05.

Aoife Fitzmaurice got into the scoring act with a good point from 20 meters with Helen Lenihan supplying the final pass. Fitzmaurice’s bid for a second point ended when her shot fell short and cleared. Helen Lenihan finally got a reward for her hard work by pointing a shot.

The St Brendan’s Ladies knew the game was over and went back into first gear going into the final minute. This allowed Towers to hit two late consolation points. The Female Dark Force need the rest up quickly because the next match is on Monday the 25th and a home Cup game against a Garristown side still reeling from the defeat in the League game last April.


Final Score from Longmeadows; St Brendans 7-16(37) to 2-07(13) Round Towers Clondalkin.


Also, the team will be in the Junior C Championship this year and will have games against Crumlin, Naomh Olaf, and will get a taste of Division 4 Football with Clontarf B and Na Fianna B in the same group. Should be a cracker.


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