May 24

Lorcan Bannon stars in Championship dress rehearsal

1sts League v St Brigids 23052017 (6)It was back to the league for the St Brendans 1st team sponsored by The Best Western Skylon Hotel and the first of five Tuesday evening away fixtures. St Brendan’s took the short hop to Castleknock to meet St Brigid’s in a game which is in essence, a dress rehearsal for the Junior C Championship Quarter Final due to be held here in three weeks’ time.

James McGee drew first blood for The Dark Force when collecting Paul Coleman’s sideline ball, McGee was momentarily dispossessed but won the ball back and kicked it over the bar.

But the home side then took the lead when a quickly taken free found its way into the back of the net. Both Hugh Bannon and his marker were then seen to tussle and both began wrestling each other to the ground, but the referee saw Bannon as the wrong-doer and he was controversially sent to the line on his own with a black card. Luke McDonagh replaced the eldest of the Bannon brothers and Brigid’s converted the free.

As always The Dark Force responded well to conceding a goal. Marcus Brady was tackled high and although McGee got his shot off, the referee saw no advantage coming and awarded a free for Eoin O’Connor to convert. McGee won the resulting Brigid’s kick-out but got fouled in the process. From that spot, John Burns kicked an enormous shot over the bar from distance to make it a one point game.

McGee was back on the ball moments later and despite complaints from the Brigids backs that the Galway man had over-carried, he was deemed to have gotten his solo in on time and passed across to Eoin OConnor who punched the ball to the net. Lorcan Bannon then opened a three point lead after collecting a Kyle McLoughlin pass.

The Home side then hit a brace of points. McLoughlin and L Bannon then combined for what was a great goal attempt, when McLoughlin’s pass went to Bannon who tried to fist it into the net, but the ball was saved and put out for a 45. Phil Bannons 45 was off-target but Ronan Bergin kept the ball in play, and McLoughlin made a swaggering run for goal only to be fouled. O’Connor converted again with his second free-in.

Phil Bannon won the Brigid’s kick-out, passed to the on running McLoughlin and finally to Longford man John Burns who produced his second score of the evening. In the next attack, Phil Bannon wanted to make amends for the missed 45 and ran for goal only to be road-blocked by the Brigid’s backs. The referee saw Bannons jersey tugged and it was O’Connor scoring his third with the most straightforward of tap-overs.

The club that gave us Peader and Paddy Andrews pegged a point back, with the eventual point scorer having to hurdle his own man to continue the move and take his score. Brigid’s made it a brace shortly after. 1-07 to 1-05.

St Brendan’s extended it back to a three point game following another Eoin O’Connor free, after Lorcan Bannon was fouled. Burns got this third score of the half with a point as spectacular as his first, with James McGee winning the mark, and Colin Folan giving the final pass to Burns.

The Red Dragons ended the half strongly by finding the net for the second time of the evening, and going in one up.


Half Time Score: St Brendans 1-09 to 2-05 St Brigids


St Brendan’s got out of the traps early in the second half with a point from James McGee who jinxed his way through the Brigid’s defence after collecting a Marcus Brady pass. After the point, Kyle McLoughlin was forced to limp off with a facial injury. Brendan’s were not at all happy with the incident, and were suitably fired up,  when McGee played the ball to Folan, who was fouled and took the free to an unmarked O’Connor who played an excellent mind game with the goalkeeper sending him the wrong way and crashing the ball into the net 2-10 to 2-05.

Derek Brady entered the game and got a point on the board straight away in a move started with Oisin Carley near his own end line. Luke McDonagh then jinxed his way through the defence and passed to Brady the younger for the score.

It was back to a seven point game with another free from Eoin O’Connor after Bergin was fouled and kicked over the bar, but the referee had made his mind up to call back play.

Seven minutes to go and St Brigids hit a brace of points and could have gotten a third goal, but the ball went six inches over the head of the intended player and dribbled wide, much to the delight of Mark Redican. 2-12 to 2-07.

St Brendan’s took more pressure off themselves with another point from Ronan Bergin with Niall Prenty and James McGee assisting. Two minutes to go and a 7 point comfort zone was assured thanks to a Lorcan Bannon snapshot, again Prenty, McGee and Sean Herron involved in the move.

Mark Redican made a crucial save in the first of eight minutes of injury time and the ball was cleared by Pearse Ryan. James McGee drew the foul to allow Eoin O’Connor to take the free in. O’Connor was in the middle of his pre-free routine when Lorcan Bannon ran behind him, the Kerryman obliged and passed to Bannon who took a hop and kicked over the bar.

A late Brigid’s point was all their lot and St Brendan’s left Castleknock with a League win. We hope for a similar result when the two sides meet in the Junior C Quarter Finals in three week’s time.


Final score from Tom Russell Park: St Brendan’s 2-15(21) to 2-08(14) St Brigid’s.


1sts-league-v-st-brigids-23052017-2 1sts-league-v-st-brigids-23052017-3 1sts-league-v-st-brigids-23052017-4 1sts-league-v-st-brigids-23052017-5 1sts-league-v-st-brigids-23052017-6

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May 18

Katelyn Peer put St Finian’s to the sword in Newcastle

Ladies Cup v St Finians Newcastle 17052017 (1)The decision, in 2012, by the St Brendan’s GAA Club committee to establish a Ladies Football team has been, without doubt, the biggest success story of the Club in the 2010’s. In the team’s 1st season in 2013, team manager Eugene Cunningham’s biggest concern was whether or not he would have a team, as he struggled for numbers until practically the end of that season. But with help, he kept the show on the road until finally the recruitment of new players and the improvement of team performances was capped off with the team’s first trophy during last season.

Nowadays, the only thing concerning Eugene Cunningham is not “will WE have a team”, but “will THEY have a team”. Unfortunately on May 10th Ballyboden conceded the game giving St Brendan’s their second walkover of the year and the full 3 points.

Thankfully this Wednesday, the 17th, the answer to the question was YES and the St Brendan’s Ladies Football team, sponsored by McGowans of Phibsborough, travelled to Newcastle (South of Lucan, not the North East of England) for the Division 9 Cup match against St Finian’s.

What? St Finian’s? In Newcastle? Sure isn’t there a St Finian’s in Swords? Yes there are TWO GAA Clubs in Dublin called St Finian’s, one in Swords, which the Mens team played in the Junior C Championship last Sunday and a St Finian’s in Newcastle whom the Female Dark Force played this evening.

The heavens opened during the warm up and continued for the opening four minutes, but the rain eased off as Michelle Dolan opened the scoring. Christine Dilworth doubled the lead after collecting a rebounded ball after Julie Fox’s shot hit the crossbar.

St Finian’s Newcastle took the lead momentarily with a goal, after Anne Marie Riney was initially fouled but was deemed to have made a handling error while trying to break up field. From the resulting kick-out, Karen O’Connell found Sinead Reilly who passed to Fox.  Fox went tearing down the field with a glorious solo run and found herself in a dead-end surrounded by defenders, but Katelyn Peer was on hand to collect the pass and score her first ever goal for the Female Dark Force.

Reilly then made it 1-03 to 1-00 after Dilworth played a free into the square, where the Cavan lady collected, turned and kicked the ball over the bar. After opening the scoring, Michelle Dolan added a goal to her tally, following a Dilworth shot which bounced off the upright and fell to Reilly, who passed to the Dromahair Dodger who slotted a low shot to the net.

Katelyn Peer was desperate for a second goal but her shot was saved and pushed out for a 45. Dilworth’s 45 went to Peer, whose shot was blocked, was recovered by Helen Lenihan whose shot was also blocked, and finally was recovered by the Knocknagree Knight who was fouled in the process. Up she stepped to put the free over the bar.

Dilworth then went for a second score from play but had her jersey tugged as she kicked, and despite the ball going over the bar the referee called back the play. Dilworth coolly slotted over from 20 meters.

Andrea Curley then made an excursion up the field, played a neat one two with Helen Lenihan, took her shot and rattled the back of  the net for the last move of the half.


Half Time Score: St Brendan’s 3-05 to 1-00 St Finian’s


24 seconds into the second half and the home side managed to beat Karen O’Connell with a goal for the second time. But St Brendan’s got a point back thanks to Katelyn Peer in a move which started with a turnover ball from Eimear McKenna. Michelle Dolan then supplied the final pass to the Toronto Raptor to make it 3-06 to 2-00.

After a brief spell on the subs bench, Julie Fox scored her first goal of the evening after Katie Lavelle made a swashbuckling solo run but almost ran out of space, but Fox was there at the right time to crash the ball in the net. Christine Dilworth made it a personal tally of 0-3 with a free-in after she herself was fouled.

Katie Lavelle won a Finian’s kick-out and passed to Fox, who passed to fellow Limerick lady Lenihan who made a good solo run and passed back to the Ballylanders Bullet for another point. Another Dilworth point from a free followed, after Lavelle was pushed in the back while attempting another raid into attack. Katelyn Peer was substituted to a standing ovation, and Kate Redden took over.

After many solo runs Katie Lavelle finally got the goal she craved and deserved, when Lenihan won possession and made a dash for the goal line, and found the Achill Island lady who made no mistake. 5-09 to 2-00.

The Sneem Supreme Anne Marie then turned defence into attack with a solo run to midfield, Eimear McKenna and Augustina Lazzarini were also on hand and it was Fox again for her second and St Brendan’s 6th goal. A goal described by the injured Inés Rubio Alcalá-Galiano as ‘A Julie Fox Special™’ (© 2017 Inés Rubio Alcalá-Galiano)

Not content with a 1-01, and despite the hint of a high tackle from a Finian’s player, Katie Lavelle showed the stern stuff that is produced in Achill Island by continuing and making her tally 1-02 with another fine score.

Christine Dilworth then pointed her fourth free and fifth overall with ten minutes to go. But in a rare attack, St Finian’s scored a third goal of the evening. The St Brendan’s backs were determined not to concede any more scores and the entire  backline stood on the goal line for the next Finian free, but the ball sailed wide.

Christine Dilworth then pointed her fifth free and her sixth overall with four minutes to go. After substitute Lavina McGloin got fouled, Dilworth went for glory, but went for placement rather than power and her shot, intended for the bottom left hand corner of the net, hit the butt of the post and wide. Surprisingly this was only the third second half wide for St Brendan’s!

It mattered little in the end as the referee blew  the final whistle and the St Brendan’s Ladies had booked a semi-final slot in the Division 8 Cup. The team face St Monica’s in the final round of Cup fixtures on June 21st to determine who gets home advantage in the semi-finals. Back to the League next Wednesday and a home tie against Na Gaeil Óga.

Final Score form Newcastle, St Brendan’s 6-12(30) St Finian’s Newcastle 3-00(09).


St Brendans: Karen O’Connell, Shona Daly (Michelle Ryan), AnneMarie Riney, Helen Macklin (Agustina Lazzarini), Eimear McKenna, Catherine Twomney, Andrea Curley 1-00 (Laura O’Connor), Shauna Fitzpatrick, Katie Lavelle 1-01, Helen Lenihan, Christine Dilworth 0-07, Michelle Dolan 1-01 (Claire Gallagher), Katelyn Peer 1-01 (Lavina McGloin), Julie Fox 2-01 (Kate Reddan), Sinead Reilly 0-02,( (Sinead McCauley).




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May 15

Ronan Bergin puts St Finian’s to the Sword

1sts Championship v St Finians Swords 14052017 (3)Three weeks from the date St Brendans 1st Team, sponsored by the Best Western Skylon Hotel were given a good st by the Garda Team in the 1st Round of the Junior C Championship, the team faced St Finian’s Swords in the 2nd Round of the Junior C Championship.

Before the match, both clubs played an Under 9’s match which was moved from Saturday to Sunday to act as a curtain raiser to the big game. As it developed the game was delayed by 35minutes due to the late arrival of the referee.

The Dark force got off to a dream start after just 15 seconds, with a point from Luke McDonagh after Ger Bannon won possession from the throw-in. However, the away side levelled matters shortly after with a free-in.

St Finian’s lost possession after a forward slipped while passing, and Derek Brady was in position to win the ball. Brady passed towards Sean Herron, who found Ronan Bergin, who with the wind at his back drove the ball over the bar from 35 meters. The score became three points to one, thanks to an Eoin O’Connor’s free-in after Bergin was fouled.

John Dolan won a mark from the Finian’s kick-out and passed to Ger Bannon who was tripped, with O’Connor again stepping up to score his second free. Derek Brady then won a broken ball from a Finian’s kick-out and found Lorcan Bannon, who despite shouting a mild expletive as he kicked the ball, managed to place it between the posts.

Paul Coleman was next to turn-over Finian’s possession, then played a one-two with Herron, and finally found O’Connor. O’Conner shot, wanting to get a point from play, but was shouldered as he kicked and was awarded a free-in from where the ball landed. O’Connor duly supplied his third point from a free-in, 0-06 to 0-01.

Phil Bannon won a mark from another Finian’s kick-out and passed to Dolan who got caught in a third man tackle. Again up stepped O’Connor with his fourth free and St Brendan’s 7th. On the next attack, Derek Brady went for goal, but the goalkeeper produced a fine save. The resulting 45 was put narrowly wide by Phil Bannon.

John Dolan was next on the score-sheet with a point after Luke McDonagh supplied the final pass. Ronan Bergin then nabbed a short Finian’s kick-out and passed to Eoin O’Connor who was penalised for over-carrying with the entire full back line on his back. Bergin got his second score of the morning in a move which started with Derek Brady dispossessing a Finian’s midfielder.

Lorcan Bannon got his second score of the morning, and again shouted a mild expletive thinking the ball was going wide, but the wind forced it over the right side of the upright. The away side notched up their second score but Eoin O’Connor restored the nine point lead with his fifth free. 0-11 to 0-02.

That lead became 10 after Sean Herron won possession, passed awkwardly to Brady who caught it and found Bergin who’s shot bounced on top of the crossbar and over for his third point of the morning.

Eoin O’Connor finally got a point from play after great play from Ruairi O’Grady and the final play of the half saw Phil Bannon in a promising position for a goal, but the pass from Lorcan went a yard too far.


Half Time Score: St Brendan’s 0-13 to 0-02 St Finian’s.


The away side opened the scoring in the second half with a close range free. Lorcan Bannon went for a shot which looked like a point, the referee gave it despite the umpires waving wide and after consultation with the umpires the point stood. Playing against the wind, St Brendan’s went hunting for goals. Ronan Bergin saw his low shot saved but went straight to Eoin O’Connor who despite a marker getting behind the ball kicked his shot wide.

Kyle McLoughlin came on as a substitute in place of Luke McDonagh and wasted no time in getting on the score-sheet with his first possession a rasping shot which should have been a goal but was good enough for a point. St Finian’s closed the gap to 10 points 0-15 to 0-5 with a 45 following a Mark Redican save. Phil Bannon then went on a super solo-run and passed to Bergin who finally got the goal he craved with a low shot into the net.

A Mark Redican short kick-out to Paul Coleman was intercepted by Finian’s which yielded their sixth point. Defender Oisin Carley made a rare excursion into attack and had a shot which went across the face of goal. Lorcan Bannon managed to barely keep the ball in play, and directed it into the path of Kyle McLoughlin whose low shot took a deflection and crept over the line for a goal. 2-15 to 0-06.

St Finian’s scored a goal direct from a 45 with a ball which evaded everyone on its flight. Hugh Bannon came on as a substitute in place of Eoin O’Connor and also took over the free taking duties. After Lorcan was fouled just outside the penalty area, Hugh stepped up to take and score the free.

After another Finian’s point, a long ball into the Brendan’s goalmouth was punched away by Redican and cleared by Paul Coleman and at the end of the move, it was another sub John Burns who received possession and kicked the ball over the bar.

Another Finian’s point followed. Redican’s short kick-out found Eoin Kavanagh, who passed to Sean Herron, then Marcus Brady, who found his brother. The younger Brady passed to Burns, who finished the attack with a placed low shot to give St Brendan’s a third green flag.

St Finian’s had the final say of the match with a late goal to put some respectability on the scoreboard. St Brendan’s now look to their second consecutive Junior C Quarter Final next month.


Final Score from Longmeadows: St Brendan’s 3-17(26) to 2-08(14) St Finian’s.


1sts-championship-v-st-finians-swords-14052017-1 1sts-championship-v-st-finians-swords-14052017-2 1sts-championship-v-st-finians-swords-14052017-4 1sts-championship-v-st-finians-swords-14052017-5 1sts-championship-v-st-finians-swords-14052017-6 ladies-cup-v-st-finians-newcastle-17052017-1

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May 04

Katie Lavelle in fine Swashbuckling form in Division 8 Cup

Ladies Cup v St James Gaels 03052017 (2)Wednesday 03 May and focus was turned towards the Division 8 Cup for the St Brendan’s Ladies Footballers sponsored by McGowans of Phibsborough. After giving a walkover in the League Fixture two weeks ago, St James’ Gaels had 15 players available for this evening’s Cup Fixture.

The Female Dark Force had four players from Achill Island Co. Mayo on the starting XV and one of those ladies, Martina Gallagher, marked her debut at full forward. The other three were Katie Lavelle, Erin Fadian in midfield, and Ciara Gallagher making her first competitive start for the club. Martina Gallagher was out in front for the first ball but unfortunately her opening effort tailed wide.

The away side took the lead, against the run of play when a shot was saved and bounced off the crossbar three times, evading both the keeper and Nan Riney at full-back, before the James’ forward palmed the ball into the net. Shona Daly stationed in goal for the first half and pulled off a string of good saves and her kick-outs proved very effective.

St Brendan’s got on the board thanks to Julie Fox, after a diagonal ball from Sinead Reilly found Helen Lenihan who in turn found fellow Limerick lady Fox. Fox won the ball, turned and stuck it over the black spot. Following several wayward efforts from Brendan’s, St James’ Gaels converted two free kicks to open a four-point lead. Fox managed to win a free, but continued playing and went for goal instead, but the ball was cleared by James’. This seemed to be the catalyst for what was a great finish to the half for the girls.

Ines Rubio Alcala Galiano cunningly intercepted a James’ attack and passed to Sinead Reilly, who went on a 45m solo run and despite having the two Limerick Ladies on either side, took a shot low and into the back of the net, for her second goal in as many games, 1-02 to 1-01.

Erin Fadian was in defiant form for the remaining 7 minutes of the half winning all bar 2 of the Gaels kick-outs, while sporting a new black hairstyle in homage to her musical idol Imelda May. ‘Fadge’, as she is collectively known, collected an Anne Marie Riney pass and in turn passed to fellow Islander Lavelle who set off on a Lee Keegan-esque swashbuckling solo run. Lavelle resisted the temptation to shoot on 3 occasions before her goal bound shot was blocked illegally by the James’ goalkeeper, and a penalty was awarded. Up stepped the Ballylanders Bullet Julie Fox who made no mistake with a goal from the penalty spot.

Despite the disappointment of not scoring the goal herself, Lavelle was appeased a few moments later when, after another solo-run, she hit a score from 30 yards. The girls applied more pressure to the Gaels in the closing moments of the half, but couldn’t put paid on the scoreboard leaving a goal in it at the short whistle.


Half Time Score: St Brendan’s 2-02 to 1-02 St James’ Gaels


Like the previous Wednesday, Christine Dilworth finished work at 7pm and headed down to Longmeadows where she was introduced as a half-time substitute. Her first contribution was to convert a free kick. The Knocnagree Knight then scored another free, after Julie Fox, who pounced on a loose ball at speed and nudged it past the full-back, was then upended by a late slide tackle resulting in a red card for the defender. 2-04 to 1-02.

For the next play, Fox dusted herself down and collected a Martina Gallagher pass to hit a third St Brendan’s goal. Shortly after, Gallagher gave another pass to her fellow Achill Islander Katie Lavelle, who notched up her second point of the evening and St Brendan’s fifth; 3-05 to 1-02.

Michelle Dolan spend a quiet second half in goal after Shona Daly was moved outfield. When moved outfield, Daly had a shot that went narrowly wide.

Lavina McGloin, the heroine against Clanna Gael Fontenoy, entered the fray and her first contribution of the match was to supply a ball to Helen Lenihan, who, fresh from a six-mile run at the Great Limerick Run last Sunday, showed no ill effects to convert a well taken point.

For the third time this year, Julie Fox hit a hat trick of goals, in a move which started with a clearance by Tracy Weldon and a solo run by Eimear McKenna, another from the team who ran the 6-miler on Sunday. Fox, the third of the Sunday runners, rounded out her personal tally to 3-02 with a point shortly after. Christine Dilworth, who supplied the final pass to Fox, was then given a rest and was replaced by Katelyn Peer, who became the first Canadian to play for St Brendan’s.

St Brendan’s continued the international diversity in the team, by bringing on Argentinian, Augustina Lazzarini, who was on hand with one of the many hand-passes which lead to team captain, and Basque Superstar Ines Rubio Alcala-Galiano popping over a 25-yard score, to make it 4-08 to 1-02 going into the final five minutes.

St James’ Gaels managed to notch a point, late in the second half to give Michelle Dolan her first of only 2 kick-outs.

The next score was made in Augher, went through Achill, onto Basque Country, into Argentina and back to Limerick before finding Canadian Katelyn Peer, who crowned her debut by scoring a nice point from 25 meters.

The game petered out with St Brendan’s off and running in the Division 8 Cup with a win. Katelyn Peer and Augustina Lazzarini, both making their debut for St Brendan’s, also had their first experience of playing in a Gaelic football match and had some excellent contributions. Great performances from the Brendan’s defence and some clever and tactical possession play towards the end of the game, mean St Brendan’s have a lot to look forward to. Indeed, this brings with it some tough times for the management who are sure to have some difficult decisions to make when picking the team with only 26 jerseys up for grabs come championship time!

Next up is another home tie in this competition against Ballyboden St Enda’s next Wednesday 10th May.


Final Score from Longmeadows: St Brendan’s 4-09 to 1-03 St James’ Gaels.


St Brendans: Shona Daly, Ciara Gallagher (Christine Dilworth 0-02 (Katelyn Peer 0-01)) Anne-Marie Riney, Tracy Weldon, Eimear McKenna, Catherine Twomney, Andrea Curley, Katie Lavelle (0-02), Erin Fadian, Michelle Dolan, Ines Rubio Alcala-Galliano (0-01) Sinead Reilly (1-00)(Lavina McGloin), Helen Lenihan (0-01) Martina Gallagher (Agustina Lazzarini), Julie Fox (3-02)


ladies-cup-v-st-james-gaels-03052017-1 ladies-cup-v-st-james-gaels-03052017-3 ladies-cup-v-st-james-gaels-03052017-4 ladies-cup-v-st-james-gaels-03052017-5 ladies-cup-v-st-james-gaels-03052017-6 ladies-cup-v-st-james-gaels-03052017-7

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May 01

St Brendan’s Clubnotes – 01 May 2017

The Ladies Footballers were victorious in Round 3 of the League against Robert Emmets. Round 2 of the Cup takes place next Wednesday at 7.30 with a home tie against St James Gaels.

Hurler’s were beaten in Round 1 of the Junior B Championship at home to Counsel Gaels, Round 2 of the Championship takes place this Sunday at 11am away to Craobh Chiarain. Training continues Tuesday & Thursday at 7pm

Both football teams are in Cup action this week with the 1st team at Home to St Judes in the Stacy Cup This Tuesday at 7pm and the 2nd team at home to Ballinteer St Johns this Thursday at 7pm in the Duffy Cup.

St Brendan’s GAA Saturday Kidz Club continues Saturday Morning at 9.30am. Any parents interested in enrolling their children to play for St Brendan’s please contact Paul McDonagh (087) 6701064 or Malachi Doyle (086) 3322076. Details can be found on our Facebook page, also Twitter @stbrendansdub7

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Apr 27

Sinead Reilly ‘Dilworth it’ in a Titanic Tussle

Ladies League v Robert Emmets 26042017 (1)Two weeks ago on this website we promised you that The St Brendan’s Ladies Football team sponsored by McGowan’s of Phibsborough would be playing brand spanking new teams during the season. However, one of those teams, St James Gaels, gave a walkover to St Brendan’s in the league Wednesday past, but the promise was fulfilled when Robert Emmets from Walkinstown, were welcomed to Longmeadows on Wednesday 27 April.

The Female Dark Force opened the scoring after 5 minutes with a free in by Michelle Dolan after Sinead Reilly had her jersey tugged going for a score. The Away side had a shot that hit the upright and back into play, then another shot which went straight to Karen O’Connell and was subsequently cleared by Laura O’Connor.

Inés Rubio Alcalá-Galiano turned over an Emmet’s kick-out, went on a daring solo run and passed to Wexford lady Shauna Fitzpatrick who scored the second point of the evening. However, despite the best efforts by Claire Owens, an Emmets forward managed to finish clinically with a well taken curled shot past Karen O’Connell and into the net to put the visitors 1 point up, 1-0 to 0-2.

It was all Robert Emmets for the rest of the 1st half with the away side hitting a brace of points, with St Brendan’s introducing Julie Fox and Christine Dilworth, who had both been working late, on the approach of halftime.


Half Time Score: St Brendan’s 0-02 to 1-02 Robert Emmets.


The away side opened the second half by scoring from a free. Dilworth brought it back to a three point game with a free, after Shauna Fitzpatrick was fouled. Andrea Curley was introduced to sew up the St Brendan’s defence. The effect was instant, with the Rossie winning O’Connell’s kick-out, playing a neat 1-2 with Mayo woman Fadian and making a daring solo run through the middle. Her intended pass to Julie Fox was almost turned over, but luckily the Ballylanders Bullet won possession from the breaking ball and drilled a low shot into the corner of the net to put one between the sides 1-04 to 1-03.

Another Emmets point followed and Dilworth returned the score to a bare minimum with her second point from a free kick, after she was fouled collecting a pass from Eimear McKenna. A minute later and it was a level game again, after the Knocknagree Knight Dilworth, concluded her hat-trick of points with another free, after Fox was pushed in the back.

Another Emmets point put them one up. Sinead Morrissey played a great ball to Julie Fox, who got boxed up by the defence, but still managed to find Dilworth who notched up her fourth score of the evening, her first from play. But the girls from Walkinstown regrouped and came again to open up a two point lead going into the final eight minutes.

St Brendan’s flawless start to the league was in danger of being torn apart! Que the dream debut…..

A Karen O’Connell kick-out was won by Anne Marie Riney and passed to Andrea Curley who found Shauna Fitzpatrick in a great position. Fitzpatrick’s shot/pass crossed the face of goal where it was smartly collected by the on-rushing Sinead Reilly, who was on her debut, and despite the attention of 3 defenders she coolly stepped inside the cover and slotted the ball low into the Robert Emmets net for a St Brendan’s lead 2-6 to 1-8.

Reilly then turned provider and passed a great ball to Inés Rubio Alcalá-Galiano and the Basque Superstar opened up a two point lead with a well taken score, going into the final minute of normal time.

However, Robert Emmets won a free and the entire Brendan’s defence stood shoulder to shoulder on the goal line to prevent a smash and grab goal, but the Emmets forward fluffed it. In the process of reclaiming possession, Michelle Dolan ended up on her knees with the breaking ball, and was incorrectly penalised for handling the ball on the ground. The Emmets forward made no mistake this time.

The next play was crucial and the entire St. Brendan’s team showed great composure and experience to keep possession while playing it out the field and running down the clock. Erin Fadian did well to win Karen O’Connell’s kick-out and play the ball to Inés Rubio Alcalá-Galiano who played it back to Fadian. A couple of passes around the middle to settle things down and Fadian then found substitute Helen Lenihan, who found Sinead Morrissey on the run to hit a final crucial score in injury time.

Morrissey’s score proved the last action of the match, and St Brendan’s Ladies hang on to their 100% record, but only just. A victory that the team will learn an awful lot from going into three Cup matches over the next three weeks, the first of which is in Longmeadows against St James Gaels.


Final score from Longmeadows, St Brendan’s 2-09 Robert Emmets 1-10.


St Brendans: Karen O’Connell, Laura O’Connor (Andrea Curley), Anne Marie Riney, Catherine Twomney, Shona Daly, Erin Fadian, Eimear McKenna, Shauna Fitzpatrick 0-1 (Michelle Dolan), Claire Owens, Sinead Reilly 1-0 (Christine Dilworth 0-4), Ines Rubio Alcala-Galliano 0-1, Michelle Dolan 0-1 (Sinead Reilly), Sinead Morrissey 0-1, Lavina McGloin (Helen Lenihan), Sinead McCawley (Julie Fox 1-1)

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Apr 25

Garda Patrolled by Sean Harann

1sts Championship v Garda 23042017 (7)Its Championship time again! And once again the Best Western Skylon Hotel St Brendan’s 1st team bid to go the whole way in the Junior C Championship, a step further than last year’s effort when beaten after extra time by Lucan Sarsfields in the semi-finals.

On April 23rd the team travelled to Westmanstown to face the Garda Team, in a championship which has 30 teams competing.

It was the Garda team who policed the opening quarter of the match by going three points up and winning many of Mark Redican kick-outs, with two of those points being long range frees.

But the Dark Force got a lifeline when Phil Bannon was dragged down in the penalty area and the referee had the arms aloft to signal a penalty. Eoin O’Connor took the penalty but it was saved and pushed out for a 45. Phil Bannon recovered the situation by pointing the 45. With the next attack John Dolan was heading for goal, but the Gardai but a roadblock on him, so he passed instead to Ronan Bergin for a point 0-3 to 0-2.

The sides were level with two minutes to go in the first half following a free converted by O’Connor, after a foul on Lorcan Bannon. Garda went back into the lead but O’Connor levelled matters before half time with another free from a greater distance than his first.


Half Time Score: St Brendan’s 0-04 to 0-04 Garda.


The Home side copped the opening score in the second half, but the game was levelled again thanks to Phil Bannon, who collected an Eoin O’Connor pass after he was stopped by a Garda Checkpoint. Manager Declan Jennings was furious when a sliding challenge by a Garda player went unpunished, but Vincent O’Flynn was on hand to win the turnover ball and pass to Paul Coleman. Coleman passed to Ruairí O’Grady who found Sean Haran, who played a neat one-two with Lorcan Bannon to swing a sweet point from 35 meters to put Brendan’s in the lead for the first time.

The lead didn’t last long as Garda equalised soon after. An attack by Garda was cleared by Mark Redican to Oisin Carley who when went on a 90 meter solo run clocking at least 17mph on the Garda Speed Camara in the process. His kick pass found substitute James McGee who put a quick shot straight between the posts.

Ger Bannon mistook a whistle from a neighbouring match for a whistle in his own and paused momentarily, but kept his composure to pass to Ronan Bergin who put his shot narrowly wide.

With ten minutes to go, St Brendan’s began a charge to victory. Derek Brady tazered the Garda defence with a daring solo run and got fouled in the process. Up stepped O’Connor with the free to give a two point lead. Colin Folan came on as a substitute and was unlucky to see two shots go wide and one hit the upright. But O’Connor stepped up again to make it a three point game from another free after Oisin Carley was fouled.

Ruairí O’Grady won a Garda kick-out and passed to Ger Bannon who found Eoin O’Connor in a good position, but O’Connor was battened down by the Garda backs. O’Connor dusted himself off and kicked another free to complete his hat trick of points.

After coming on in place of his brother, Marcus Brady made his impact known, by collecting a Ronan Bergin’s pass to kick from 30 meters with a little help from the goal-keepers fist.

A final Garda point was the last action of the match, but did not dampen the Championship win for St Brendans’s who now look forward to a second round on May 13th against St Finian’s


Final Score from Westmanstown: St Brendan’s 0-11 to 0-07 Garda GAA


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Apr 25

Another early Championship exit for the 2nds

2nds Championship v St Monicas 23042017 (3)Regular readers of this website know that St Brendan’s and St Monica’s have had a tremendous rivalry in Ladies Football going back over the last 4 years, but today in Edenmore it was the turn of the Mens Football  2nd team to go into battle in the Junior D Football Championship.

25 players togged out for the Kavanagh’s of Aughrim St 2nd team giving team manager John Michael McLoughlin, and selectors Eugene Cunningham and Paul McDonagh plenty of headaches, and the luxury of picking the strongest 2nd XV this year.

The opening six minutes saw both teams have two attempts each to score, which either went wide or fell short. John Tuffy fired The Darkest Force into the lead with a point after collecting a short passed Conor Higgins 45. The resulting Monica’s kick-out went over the end line. Pearse Ryan hit the side-line ball to Kyle McLoughlin, who blasted his shot at goal, which rebounded from the goalkeeper for McLoughlin to slot into the net.

The dream start continued when a Padraig Pratt free-kick found Hughie O’Sullivan and then John Tuffy who had his jersey tugged. Up stepped Eoghan Kavanagh to convert 1-02 to 0-00. The Home side opened their account with a free. Brendan’s almost got a second goal when McLoughlin seen Higgins in a good position, but his pass was intercepted and traveled up the field for Monica’s second point.

A Paul Farrelly free found John Tuffy for a third St Brendan’s point. Monica’s then hit a brace of points to make it 1-03 to 0-04. Seven minutes to go in the second half and a 45 which fell short was punched clear by Paddy McGuinn, but Brendan’s could not clear the ball, and a Monica’s forward tapped the ball past a wall of Brendan’s defenders and into the net. Tuffy responded to level matters after a pass from Joe Kenny. Another brace from St Monica’s ensured a two point half time lead for the home side.


Half Time Score: St Brendan’s 1-04 to 1-06 St Monica’s.


Like the first half, The Darkest Force started the second half brightly, thanks, in part, to a stern half time talk from John Michael McLoughlin. John Tuffy opened the second half scoring following great work from Pearse Ryan and Paul Farrelly. Joe Kenny then used his brute strength to win the ball from a Conor Higgins pass and kick a tremendous score to level the game.

However, St Monica’s climbed back into a three point lead, the second of those points coming from a 45. St Brendan’s were given a way back when Kyle McLoughlin was fouled in the penalty area, and the referee awarded a penalty. After debate the penalty was taken by Malachi Doyle. The Wicklow Wizards shot hit the crossbar and over for a point 1-08 to 1-06.

Another point for the home side followed and Ronan Costello came on as a substitute to shake things up, and duly responded with a point after a McLoughlin pass. Monica’s then opened up a four point lead before Kenny notched his second point of the afternoon, following a Pearse Ryan pass. But Monicas’s returned the deficit to four points going into the final six minutes.

That lead then became five, and St Monica’s thought that the game was over as a contest when the ball ended in the Brendan’s net. However, it was disallowed, due to the ball landing in the net from a hand pass without taking a deflection.

In injury time St Brendan’s had a last late glimmer of hope when John Tuffy drove in a goal, but St Monica’s won the next kick-out, and ran through the centre to score another point.

So bitter disappointment for the 2nd team who exit the Championship before the May Bank Holiday weekend for the second year in a row. Focus now turns to a Cup match on May 4th and a home tie against Ballinteer St John’s.


Final Score from Edenmore: St Brendans’s 2-08 to 1-13 St Monica’s.


2nds-championship-v-st-monicas-23042017-1 2nds-championship-v-st-monicas-23042017-2

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Apr 24

St Brendan’s Clubnotes – 24 Apr 2017

The Ladies Footballers were given a walkover in Round 3 of the League against St James Gaels. Round 4 of the League takes place next Wednesday at 7.30 with a home tie against Robert Emmetts

Both football teams were in Championship action last Sunday with the 1st team victorious against Garda Westmanstown Gaels in the Junior C Championship but the 2nd team were beaten away to St Monica’s in the Junior D Championship.

Training continues for all Adult teams. For both Football teams are training is Tuesday and Thursday at 8pm and for the Hurlers at 7pm in Longmeadows. Ladies Football team are training at 7.30pm on Monday evening.

St Brendan’s GAA Saturday Kidz Club continues this Saturday Morning at 9.30am.. Any parents interested in enrolling their children to play for St Brendan’s please contact Paul McDonagh (087) 6701064 or Malachi Doyle (086) 3322076. Details can be found on our Facebook page, also Twitter @stbrendansdub7

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Apr 18

St Brendan’s Clubnotes – 17 Apr 2017


The Ladies Football had a comfortable victory in Round 2 of the League at home St Monica’s. Round 3 of the League takes place next Wednesday at 7.15 with an away tie against St James Gaels.

Both football teams are in Championship action this Sunday with the 1st team away to Garda Westmanstown Gaels at 11am in the Junior C Championship and the 2nd team away to St Monica’s at 3pm in the Junior D Championship.

Training continues for all Adult teams. For both Football teams are training this Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm and for the Hurlers at 7pm at Longmeadows. Ladies Football team are training at 7.30pm on Monday evening.

St Brendan’s GAA Saturday Kidz Club continues this Saturday Morning at 9.30am.. Any parents interested in enrolling their children to play for St Brendan’s please contact Paul McDonagh (087) 6701064 or Malachi Doyle (086) 3322076. Details can be found on our Facebook page, also Twitter @stbrendansdub7

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