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Denis Galvin in menacing form against O’Dwyers

20190507_192855ZTues 07th May 2019 – Focus returned to the league for the St Brendans football 1st XV and the first Tuesday evening game of the season with O’Dwyers of Balbriggan the visitors to Longmeadows. During the warm up, team manager Justin McCormack kept reminding the team of the 0-13 to 0-07 defeat inflicted by O’Dwyers last year to ensure that such a defeat does not happen again.

Any anxiety McCormack may have felt evaporated when Lorcan Allen won a turnover, got fouled in the process, played his free to Niall Prenty who found Brendan Brogan to calmly slot the ball into the net. John Burns won the O’Dwyers kickout with a mark and played the ball to Denis ‘The Killarney Menace’ Galvin whose shot hit the upright but dropped straight into the breadbasket of James McGee and the Milltown Four Star’s low shot hit the O’Dwyers net for the second time 2-00 to 0-00 after three minutes.

Any thought of The Dark Force getting a third goal inside four minutes ended when Kevin Curry saw his shot saved by the O’Dwyers full back for a 45. Burns shot fell short and the clearance went to Lorcan Bannon then onto Niall Prenty and the Prince Of Ballyhaunis took his shot over the bar.

The score became 2-02 to no score with Ger Bannon pointing after Kevin Curry drew a foul and played the free to Bannon. However, O’Dwyers got back in the game when an opportunist shot, fell short and ended in the Brendan’s net. 2-02 to 1-00.

Another O’Dwyers point followed. Denis ‘The Killarney Menace’ Galvin was back on the board with a fisted shot over the bar. Burns won the kickout with a mark, passed to Ger Bannon and the shot over the bar. 2-04 to 1-01.

A Burns free in fell short to Galvin, but as he retrieved the ball, he was pulled down in the penalty area for a penalty, which Burns prompty converted, three steps and bang with the citeog in the net.

That score became 3-05 to 1-01 thanks to James McGee after a good passage of play involving Franklin ‘Kepa’ O’Reilly and Kevin Curry. A fourth goal was bound to happen and it occurred when Burns whipped in a long ball which was dropping into the goalkeepers arms, but Galvin was on Hand (of God) to punch the ball (a la Maradona in 1986) into the O’Dwyers net.

It was a case of how many goals St Brendan’s would get. Again Burns supplyed the final pass, this time to James McGee who moved this way and that and calmly slotted the ball into the net. Burns then hit an ostentatious shot that left Declan Jennings gasping in disbelief, which ended over the bar. Colm Harte forced an O’Dwyers shot wide and Darragh Donnolly’s kick-out was the last action of the first half and a St Brendan’s lead.


Half Time Score: St Brendan’s 5-06 (21) to 1-01 (04) O’Dwyers.


The second half began in typical St Brendans fashion with a point in the opening attack thanks to John Burns who won the kickout and did most of the work himself, before playing a 1-2 with Niall Prenty. Indeed The Prince of Ballyhaunis was on hand with the next attack after collecting a pass from Luke ‘The Miracle Worker’ McDonagh and passing to the onrushing Ger Bannon and over the bar 5-08 to 1-01.

Darragh Donnolly was determined to ‘Emulate Karen O’Connell’ and concede no score all half, and produced a spectacular save off a shot after two O’Dwyers balls fell short. The second of those short balls was the catalyst for St Brendans 9th point scored by Brendan Brogan with substitute Ronan Cillian also involved in the build-up.

Goal number six was inevitable thanks to Lorcan Bannon when John Burns put too much well on a fist pass to Brogan but Lorcan Bannon as there at the right place to slot the ball into the net. It took all of 10 minutes for Darragh Donnolly to get his first kick-out of the second half which was marked by Burns, passed to McDonagh and finally to Brogan for the point.

Justin McCormack then unleashed several subs including The Notorious Ryan Egan, Gentleman Christopher Hand and Cormac ‘Skins’ Mullen and it was the 1st sub who passed to the 3rd sub and onto John Burns for a cheeky lob over the keepers head and into the net for the seventh time.

Donnollys dream of emulating O’Connell were almost derailed when the referee gave a free to O’Dwyers for a push by Lorcan Allen, but the adrenalin got the better of O’Dwyer’s player who blasted his shot wide. A free out ensued for taking a free from the wrong place and Colm Harte took the ball and played it 50 yards to Lorcan Allen. Allen found Ronan Cillian who placed his shot over the bar. That was Cillian’s last action because he limped off with a facial injury.

The game fizzled out afterwards for the final 10 minutes with one more point scored by John Burns from a free in. However St Brendan’s would finish with 14 men in injury time when The Notorious Ryan Egan got a black card, having used all six subs with Stephen Durkin from Sligo the 6th sub.

It didn’t matter much because St Brendans had long ended the contest with dominant display in the first half. Darragh Donnolly did achieve what Karen O’Connell did with the Ladies team many times in going a full half of football without conceding a score. But St Brendan’s will be in for a more stern test next Sunday at midday against Ballinteer St Johns where victory will leapfrog the Dark Force over the Tangerines in AFL5.


Final Score form Longmeadows: St Brendans 7-13 (34) to 1-01 (04) O’Dwyer’s.

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