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Improving, but not quite there!!!

2nds v St Patricks Palmerstown 16072018 (4)16 July 2018 – After losing the bragging rights of El North Inner City Classico, The St Brendan’s 2nd XV, were due to play their AFL10 encounter away to St Patricks Palmerstown on Sunday Afternoon the 15th July. However, due to players being interested in either watching and cheering on Croatia in, The World Cup Final or catching the first wkend of the super 8’s in Croker, the game was played at the far pitch of Glenauline park at 7.30pm the following day, Monday 16 July 2018. Sadly, for those who invested heavily on those iconic red and white chequered jerseys, France won 4-2. Football’s coming home, they said, Footballs actually taking French Leave!

To start the game Padraig O’Reilly made a darting solo run but had his jersey tugged in a move more likely to be seen in the WWE, not the GAA. Up stepped John Ryan with the free in and the point. A minute later, Pat’s had the ball in the back of the Brendan’s net, despite a good save from Morgan Young.

In fact, it was all Pats for the next 15 minutes with four points on the spin, the fourth of which resulted when a pass to Malachi Doyle went awry after Cathal McCormack caught a well taken Mark.

Billy Kelly got his brother in law Pearse Ryan on the field and made an impact with a Mark from a Pat’s kickout and played the ball to Malachi Doyle, who made a 50 meter solo run. His shot was good but the goalkeeper got a slight hand to the ball but only as far as Paul McIntyre who palmed the ball in the net. Another Pat’s point followed to see halftime.


Half time Score: St Brendans 1-01 to 1-05 St Patricks


In the second half St Pat’s Palmerstown scored a goal in their first attack.

Did Annihilation wait?

The Darkest Force, threw everything and the kitchen sink at the opposition (or in Padraig Pratt’s case, a 40 year old giant metal Quinnsworth sign) in fact it was The Son Of Maurice who got the ball rolling with a crucial turnover, passed it to Conor Coyle, then to John Ryan and finally onto Kevin Henry with the point. Coyle won the Pat’s kickout, got fouled and Ryan converted. Another Pat’s kickout was won, this time by Kevin Henry, who hand passed the ball across the face of goal, where Paul McIntyre palmed another ball into the net to put two between the sides.

After that pulsating opening five minutes, breathe.

Another turnover this time from The Bonkers from Yonkers, Kevin Purce, played the ball to Pratt who made a bursting solo run, then onto Pearse Ryan, then onto Kevin Henry, who was hit with a thunderous shoulder, but still found Michael Devine and the big Tyrone impact sub got his first score in the black and amber to put one between the sides.

The sides were level with 15 minutes to go when Brian Lavelle played a great ball to Coyle who got the equalising score. But Palmerstown started to fight back and the level game did not last long with a lead point being kicked by St Pat’s, after a move which had 50 consecutive handpasses and a Brian Lavelle turnover.

Alas, the Brendan’s comeback did not last long as Palmerstown beat Morgan Young for a third time for a goal and the fizz went out of the game completely. Despite another free in from John Ryan, after Conor Coyle was pushed, Pats got back up the field to hit another point.

In the final minute, Cathal McCormack played a ball across the face of goal, but John Ryan could not make the perfect fist and the ball went wide. So another disappointment for the St Brendan’s 2nds, although Billy Kelly was pleased to see some good football played throughout the game. The team have two more chances to secure that July victory starting this Thursday against Trinity Gaels and a chance to avenge last year’s controversial encounter.


Final Score from Glenauline Park. St Brendans 2-06 (12) to 3-08 (17) St Patricks Palmerstown.

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