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The Price is Right for Philip Madine

1sts v Craobh Chairain 16072019 (5)Tues 7th July 2019 – The St Brendan’s Football 1st XV travelled to Finglas to face Erins Isle looking for a third consecutive win in AFL5 and build momentum ahead of the final Junior 1 Club Championship encounter against St Kevins Killians on September 15th.

The Dark Force won on a 6-10 to 1-07 scoreline, what made the scoreline all the more remarkable was that fact that the half time score was only 3 points each! Unfortunately, this writer was away and according to Justin McCormack, one of the six St Brendan’s goals was scored by Brendan Brogan, whose goal was as equally as spectacular as the goal scored by James Carr for Mayo against Galway in the All Ireland Qualifiers the day previously.

Tues 16th July 2019 – The momentum building continued this Tuesday evening in Grangegorman when the team played Craobh Chairain in Round 12 of AFL5.

The away side got the opening score but it could have been a goal but for Mark Redican deflecting the ball over the bar. Ger Bannon won Redicans first kick-out with a mark, played it onto John Burns and finally onto Philip ‘Come On Down’’ Madine for the equalising score for The Dark Force.

After a turnover from Jason Clarke inside the 20 meter-line, the ball made its way to Madine who kicked from the outside of his right boot to Dennis ‘The Killarney Menace’ Galvin, to kick The Dark Forces point #2. Craobh then equalised and an intended move from Lorcan Bannon to his brother Ger did not materialise when an intended flick caught Lorcans hand badly and the ball was turned over. Nothing materialised in that Craobh attack and Phil Bannon won the kickout, again with a mark, played the ball to Lorcan Allen and finally onto John Burns for the lead score for St Brendan’s 0-03 to 0-02.

Craobh Chairain hit a brace of points to retake the lead, but Burns replied with a screamer of a point from 35 meters that cleared the protective net and into the playground. The next kick-out was broken down by Ger Bannon to Philip Madine and went onto find Brendan Brogan to kick another lead score 0-05 to 0-04.

18:45 gone and after another equalising score by Croabh, St Brendan’s retook the lead thanks to Ger Bannon after great work from Galvin. Lorcan Bannon had a good opportunity for a goal but it hit the crossbar. Philip Madine then converted the first free in of the evening after Burns got his jersey tugged. Paul Coleman was on fire at centre half back with three consecutive mark’s from Craobh’s kickout, the third of which was the start of the move which lead to point number 8 from Brendan Brogan.

A Croabh short kick-out was pinched by Ger Bannon and the mistake was well punished by Galvin by pointing his second point of the evening and St Brendan’s ninth. Philip ‘Come On Down’’ Madine barely held onto the ball after a pass from Lorcan Bannon, but get the time to compose himself and score his third point of the evening, 0-10 to 0-05.

Madine’s bid for a third point ended when he was high tackled outside the penalty area and John Burns converted the free in, the last action of the first half.

Half Time Score: St Brendan’s 0-11 to 0-05 Craobh Chairain.

In the second half, Modine won a turnover and playing the ball into the corner where Ger Bannon won the sprint for possession and got fouled. He then played the ball to Brendan Brogan for the shot over the bar. That became 0-13 points with a point from Lorcan Bannon whose goal bound shot was deflected by the goalkeeper and over the bar and Lorcan knew himself that chould have been a goal. Croabh then got their first point of the second half to make it 0-13 to 0-06.

Sean Feeney won Redicans short kick-out and passed to Ger Bannon and finally onto Denis ’The Killarney menace’ Galvin for the 14th point of the game. Afer a wayward wide from John Burns, he made amends by getting a hand on the Craobh kick out and giving Ger Bannon easy possession to pass to The Stamullen Hellraiser Colin Folan for the 15th point 0-15 to 0-06.

The screw began to turn and a 10 point lead was finally opened thanks to Denis Galvin. Judging by his body language, he badly wanted a goal but settled for the point with Madine supplying the final pass. Phil Bannon won a mark off the Croabh kick-out and passed to Brendan Brogan for the point to make it 17. The trick was repeated again for the 18th point, another Phil Bannon mark, another pass to Brogan but this time Brogan passed to Madine for the 18th point 0-18 to 0-06.

Croabh Chairain did try to make a game out it despite the unassailable lead, but did mange to score 1-02 in four minutes of action with 10 minutes to go. But St Brendan’s responded with a point from Paul Coleman who got his just reward after winning three Craobh Chairain kickouts with marks. Justin McCormack and Declan Jennings then bought on Stephen Durkan as a substitute and made an immediate impact palming the ball into the net after a long range Ciaran Kilcullen shot fell short.

With the outcome settled, Hugh Bannon, John Maguire and Sean O’Donnell call came on as substitutes, Craobh went on to score a 10th point. Into injury time now and John Burns made it 1-20 with a point after taking the shot himself despite Kilcullen in a good position.

Declan Jennings was hopping mad when Craobh Chairain exposed some loose making a beat Mark Redican in goal for a second time this evening. But soon Burns had Jennings calm again with ‘An Animal of a Score(TM)’ with the ball changing hands several times.

Craobh Chairain had the final say with a final point as St Brendan’s win a fourth consecutive AFL5 game and continue to build up a head of steam with September 15th and Championship against St Kevins Killians in mind. Next up is a July 28th meeting in Tom Russell Park against St Brigid’s.

Final Score from Grangegorman, St Brendan’s 1-21(24) to 2-10(16) Craobh Chairn.


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